Engineering & Services

Xylo Services operates in Conceptual engineering


Drafting of the specifications

We take care of drafting the detailed technical specifications of your project, taking into account your choices on how to use the raw material according to your markets, your financial means and your strategy.

Definition of the process

This fundamental step, which will be decisive in the project, will make it possible to reach the objectives in a rational way.

Technological specifications

Faced to the multitude of technical possible solutions, it is imperative to define the most coherent.


Study and drafting of the contracts

A contract is the foundation of the customer / supplier collaboration, its writing is primordial.


Feasibility study

Evaluation of the investments according to technical specifications.

Consultations of the suppliers

A good knowledge of the national and international suppliers is one of the keys to the success of the project.

Integration of security features

One of the assets during the presentation of the project to the various authorities, which shows the seriousness of the realization.

Xylo Services realise your Project study


Drawing of the existing elements

Depending on the technical audit of the existing installation, this step will be the basis for all future installations.


Project integration

One of the profits of the technical audit of the existing elements, as well as the technological choice resulting from the specifications, will be to be able to elaborate preliminary layouts in various aspects.


Highlighting of the strengths and weaknesses

How to make the right compromise appear, according to each establishment.

Contribution of technology solutions to implement

Define the balance of technological choices according to investments.

Management of the plannings

Although the schedules depend mainly on suppliers, it is necessary to visualize temporarily the impact of the project on the proper functioning of the company.

Xylo services, it’s also Specific Engineering


Studies and design of technological conveying systems.

Spearheading of our know-how, conveying systems are our preferred field. All the people in charge of the projects have decades of experience in handling equipment concerning the wood industry, from the first to the second transformation.
All our studies aim to increase your competitiveness and differentiation in relation to your competitors, and thus to present you as a leader.

les systèmes de convoyage sont le domaine de prédilection de xylo services

Engineering and design of special machines with our partners.

The design and realization of special machines generally comes from a definition of specifications or a process specific to a market.
From our rich experience and know-how we are able to study all your projects.

Xylo Services conçoit des mécanisations spéciales avec ses partenaires

Studies and design of specific cutting tools with our partners.

Although the modern machines offer a multitude of machining possibilities, it is often useful to optimize the cutting tool in order to reduce the power required for cutting, chip evacuation, sawing speed according to species etc.

Conception d’outils coupant spécifique avec nos partenaires

Simple or specific process automation with our partners.

From a basic automated sorting system, to an optimization of the positioning or a 2D or 3D analysis to the production management of your various equipments, the know-how of our partners is no longer to prove.

Automatisme de process simple ou spécifique

Xylo Services, it’s also:

Mechanical expertise of your machines.
A specific control of the geometry for cutting machines (bandsaw or circular).
An after sales service all brand, in cooperation with our partners.
Assistance of the establisment of preventive maintenance.
Regular monitoring visits, to reduce the sources of faults, to limit stoppages, and ensure a longer life of the moving parts.
Assistance in a setting up of LEAN MANAGEMENT methodology, dedicated to your craft.